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    Alternative Ways to Charge a Laptop

    Laptops are among the most important and commonly used devices for personal as well as for professional use. Students, teachers, corporate officials, entrepreneurs/businessmen heavily rely on laptops for the personal and professional work of their daily routine. Especially after the COVID-19 when the majority of work has been digitalized, devices like laptops have got a significant increase in their importance and usage rate with time. Due to this sudden digital switch laptops with active internet connections are now considered as one of the essentials tools for any workplace, university, or business. Managing the laptops have become as important as managing the office files and paperwork was in the past because nowadays, people tend to save all of their important professional/personal records and paperwork into their laptops in digital formats to have a real-time access to it anytime anywhere without any hassle.

    When it comes to managing the laptops to keep them time-efficient and user-friendly, laptop users always make sure they are keeping their laptop updated with their daily work requirements regardless of whether it’s a software or hardware update. A software update is really quick and convenient but keeping your laptop updated with its hardware requirements is a bit challenging. One of the most important and hectic hardware requirements that are needed by laptops is managing the laptop battery levels and making sure they are enough charged as per the workload so that work never gets interrupted. Due to the anxiety of laptop going dead during work users continuously keep an eye on the battery levels also for most of the time laptops are found connected to the electrical sockets even if they are fully charged. From these practices, it can be easily judged how hard it is for users to maintain the laptops battery level by this common way of charging their laptops through an adopter or charger with this the electrical socket in their house/offices.

    Charging the laptops with an adopter or charger is the most common method to charge the laptops but very few people know that there are several other ways as well to charge their laptops if they don’t have the charger available. These charging options are very also very effective and convenient to address the immediate needs of charging especially when a user is in an emergency or wants unlimited fun and entertainment without sitting next to an electrical socket. Here are some cool alternatives to charge laptops without using the common charger.

    1. Using USB Port As Charging Alternatives (Type C Connector) 

    It would come as a surprise to many users apart from the actual charging port and common charger. The USB ports can also be used as charging alternatives for many laptops. The USB port type C connecter that can pass the power at a speed up to 20Gbits/s can be used as a charging alternative as well. USB port Type C is right next to the USB ports Type A through which the user normally connects pan drives, mouse, or keyboard. All a user need is a type C cable and a type C adaptor to charge the laptop through these ports. As far as safety issues are concerned the type C adapter is considered the safest option available as it automatically shuts down whenever it detects high heat or any other problem.

    1. Power Banks as an Alternative

    Unlike other options this is the most common alternative used by the majority of users who want to charge their laptops without the actual charger. Power banks work as an additional battery that while charging the devices, charges itself as well. It is an amazing backup plane for users whenever they are unable to get the regular electrical power but want to charge their laptops urgently. Surprisingly, the power bank option is also connected through the type C connector. Therefore, in a way, it also falls under the category of 1st alternative as well. Users have to make sure that the power bank used for charging meets the power voltage requirements of a laptop that normally is 12V or more than that.

    1. Charging Through The Car Battery

    Well, if you are traveling but want to charge your laptop and not carrying the official/original one with you. There is a charging alternative that will help you in an urgent situation by making you able to charge your laptop easily in your car. Fortunately, your car battery is capable of charging anything that requires a maximum of 300 watts and your laptop just needs around 30-35 watts. So, you can use your car battery for charging your laptop in case there is any work emergency or anything else. All you need is a 300W car Power inverter, plug into the auxiliary power outlet, and you’re good to go. The user must make sure that the power adaptor installed is compatible with the power outlet of the car.

    1. Universal charger as an alternative

    Nowadays, various brands offer vast models of universal chargers that are compatible with various laptops at the same time because of their interchangeable tips. The tips can be interchanged and adjusted easily as per the requirement of the laptop. Although it seems like a promising alternative in fact it’s not. Different laptops require different power watts for optimum battery life. This alternative can seriously affect the overall battery health of any laptop. The user must remain careful before using such alternatives and must ensure that the power transfer of the charger meets the criteria for the laptop to be charged.

    It is important to understand that, the majority of the alternatives designed for charging laptops are recommended to use in an emergency only considering the potential effects on user safety and battery life of laptops. If the user has the urgency to start his/her laptop and has no access to the official charger only then it is recommended to switch to alternatives, that too with proper guidelines and instruction followed that are mentioned on the chargers and laptops. Brands highly discourage usage of any other charger other than the official one as it may be dangerous for not just the laptops but for the users as well. 

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