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    AtTrack Review

    With a user-friendly and straightforward UI, AtTrack is a new modular time-tracking program for entrepreneurs, managers, and independent contractors. You can create invoices for your clients, view the workdays of you and your staff on a schedule, obtain detailed reports, and create screenshots with AtTrack. It also allows you to observe time against projects, set prices on tasks, and view labor costs. AtTrack interacts with or enables the use of numerous applications and task managers, including Trello, Jira, Google Docs, etc.

    AtTrack makes it easy to create a time tracker that can be customized to meet your company’s requirements by using numerous available modules.

    AtTrack Pricing

    Basic – Time Tracking Tool – $0/month per user

    Pro – More transparency – $3/month per user

    Business – All-rounder – $5/month per user

    Key features

    • Screenshots

    Simple and comprehensive reports produced by AtTrack monitoring software with screenshots make all tracked time visible. Moreover, it also observes and tracks the progress of each project from start to end. Helps to determine any obstacles in between that should be taken care of. This also takes care of getting more precise and accurate bills as any well-organized company requires stable corporate growth.

    • AtTrack Demo

    A demo option is available on the website. Anyone interested in getting familiarized with every feature and characteristic can easily access the demo.

    • Auto Fill Tasks

    The task you’re working on right now doesn’t need to be selected and deselected over and over. You can keep track of your actions in any application, piece of software, or website thanks to the active window auto-fill feature. It helps to save time.

    • Offline Time Tracking

    Your employees must give a justification for their absence when adding offline time entries. They can categorize their time as productive, ineffective, or neutral. With the aid of thorough reports, you can delve further into your team’s routine and learn why and how they spend time offline. You can also keep an eye on every data that has been manually inputted.

    • Smart Invoicing

    Smart invoicing consumes less time and generates invoices faster through this app. It’s easily exported with just a click on your laptop. This app also helps to personalize the invoices. Everything is placed under one umbrella and can be accessible at any time.

    • Modules

    At its foundation, AtTrack is a straightforward time clock that enables you to easily track the time spent on the tasks you are currently working on. However, you may add a lot more modules in our Marketplace, such as those for snapshots, tracking other programs, checking activity levels, integrating with other kinds of software, creating different kinds of reports, etc. To do this, simply go there, connect your card, and either choose the modules you need or the most appropriate pricing plan, which may already include everything you need.

    • Team performance tracking

    Using this app to track the productivity of the employee helps increase more efficient work, as once the employee knows all their work process is being overlooked, they will be more careful and try to improve all the issues. This will eventually shed light on others. All the other employees will get a heads-up now and perform much better, contributing to the entire team.

    AtTrack Reviews

    Reviews for this software are very positive. Users find it friendly to use. While performing a task, the ability to autofill from an open window is quite useful. Simply choose the option, and the report will now refer to the document as the job. You can review reports detailing your time management, including the clients and projects you worked on.

    • Burnouts can be identified

    AtTrack helps to locate the degree of burnout even before the employee realizes the problem themselves. Reduce the staff turnover by 70% in the first year of using AtTrack.

    AtTrack helps different types of businesses to increase their income. For example:


    The best investment in any business is an investment in your people. AtTrack works to upgrade the routine of developers and software companies.

    Marketing Agency:

    Get your marketing team access to AtTrack’s robust platform to increase productivity. Spend your time wisely to complete tasks more quickly. Create a productive habit that will help your business succeed.


    Designers can manage their hours of creative work effectively and change project assignments by using time monitoring. Desktop time monitoring applications help you stay focused, boost personal productivity, define the worth of your job, and reduce money loss.

    Remote workers

    Do you want to manage your remote staff and ensure that they are productive? You’ve just discovered them! You can better understand what your employees are doing during working hours with the help of the monitoring software AtTrack.


    Time-tracking software for freelancers is a practical tool to boost project efficiency and profitability. Utilize AtTrack to monitor progress and business success and allocate your working hours appropriately to the most crucial activities.

    Popular Comparisons

    • AtTrack vs Toggl Track

    AtTrack software is the highest-rated out there. It’s called extremely user-friendly software. The customer service is also 5/5. Several features can benefit you in many ways. It’s 100% recommended by its users. Best for 2-500 users, be it a small or a comparatively large company.

    • Toggle Track

    This software has a rating of 4.7/5. Toggle Track is also a user-friendly software but still lacks the automatic time capture feature. It is 88% recommended by its users and has good value for money and great customer service. It’s best for 1-500 users and no training is required here.


    “I was blown away by what Attract did for me”

    “Taylan and his team at Attract blew me away with how professional and amazing they work. I know that PR is important for my business and Attract was the first PR company I’ve ever worked with – they will now be the only PR company I will ever work with. They kept me in the loop and delivered as promised, even going beyond what I expected. My visibility more than doubled as a result.”


    “Thank you so much for helping my business get featured in the media! Seeing an article written about me and my business felt so surreal. The process was also spectacular! Taylan was transparent, understanding, and professional. On top of that, they helped me grow my Instagram not only to 10K (as promised) but to 14K!!!! Thank you, Taylan, for reaching out to me and working with me to help my business grow.”

    “Attract goes above and beyond expectations. Thanks to their skill I am well on my way to being recognized as an authority in my industry. They have afforded me a placement in influential publications that would have taken ages on my own. You need them on your team.”

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