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    Best Samsung TV Remote Apps Without Wifi

    Have you ever wished to keep up on your favorite television show only to discover that the tv remote is misplaced or the batteries have died? Download and install a remote app to your tablet or smartphone and sync it with your television. If you spend the time to manage them, you can even use universal remote applications to operate your other home theatre equipment. The best remote mobile applications for smart TVs and multimedia devices, along with the best remote software for Samsung, Apple smart TV, and FireStick devices, are listed below.


    SamRemote is the greatest remote application you can get if you want a remote for a Samsung smart TV. To link the application to any Samsung TV, you have to scan the network. After you check for the TV, you’ll be given a controller with all of the keys that your real remote has. The Smart Hub key, as well as the reprogrammable A, B, C, & D keys, are included.

    While you may use the controller to turn off the Samsung TV, you’ll need to try turning it on manually for at least 1 minute before you could use the application.

    Other TV Remote Apps

    1. Universal Remote TV Smart

    You can program remotes for all of your TVs with this Universal Remote Smart app. Simply install the software and search your networks for any smart tv connected. Then, on your phone, input a pairing password that displays on the Television, and a controller will emerge.

    The fact that your control will alter based on the type of TV you have ranked this as one of the finest universal remote applications for smart TVs. As a result, your control will have all of the identical buttons and functionality as a traditional remote. Furthermore, if you use a Roku Device, the remote will be different from your Samsung remote.

    This software, however, is only available for smart TVs with a WiFi connection. This implies that if you’re using a Roku device, this app will not operate if you use an outdated TV. Furthermore, the home button on this controller often does not turn on your television. You’ll also have to spend $5.99 to get rid of the obnoxious pop-up adverts.

    1. Amazon Fire App

    The original Amazon Fire application is the greatest TV remote software you can install if you use an Amazon Fire Television. This program is not only simple to use, but it also includes all of the essential functionality for controlling and navigating the Fire TV device.

    With a dedicated tab that includes symbols of all installed programs, you can rapidly navigate between favorite apps and games. The mic button or the keypad button can also be used to search quickly.

    However, because this app lacks a power button, you must use your TV’s actual remote control to turn it on. There are no volume controls on the remote, and you can’t adjust the volume with your cell phone. Also, although the app allows you to let the Fire TV sleep, it does not turn the TV off.

    1. Anymote

    AnyMote is a remote application for controlling your Televisions and many other home theater devices like music players and multiroom audio. In addition, if your media room has air conditioning, you may use this same app to regulate the temperature.

    This software can control both infrared & WiFi appliances. You can automate chores, use voice control, or even install it on your wristwatch for more convenient TV control. The application also has an editing function that allows you to customize the remotes by adding additional buttons and personalizing them to better control your home entertainment experience. You only receive one free controller and a limited number of customization possibilities at the start.

    1. Apple TV Remote

    The Apple remote app is notorious for being difficult to operate. This remote software is pretty basic, with only one button that isn’t present on your conventional remote. Using the chronology or perhaps the fast forward button and rewind buttons, you may easily navigate through a video using this “details” key. You could also get a segment selection method, which allows you to quickly navigate to a certain area of a video clip.

    Additionally, you may manage volume with the volume controls on your ios device with this remote software.

    1. Roku

    If you possess a Roku television, we recommend that you install the related TV remote app straight away. This app contains the same controls as a Roku remote, such as a power key, volume control buttons, a mute key, and a mic button, based on what sort of Television you’re connecting to.

    Furthermore, the Roku application remote includes a keyboard key for typing credentials and a search box for locating your favorite movie or TV program that you won’t even find on the conventional remote. Even if the actual remote doesn’t include a mic key, you may use voice control to search for new tv shows and movies.

    A private listening option is among the coolest unique updates on this Roku application remote. You may use your mobile to listen to the sound from your Television. Then you can plug in your earphones and control the sound on your smartphone with the volume controls. Even if you use an older Roku device, this will work.

    In addition, the software allows you to ping the controller, which will make it create a noise so that you can easily find it. You can also use the application to access The Roku Channel and TV shows while you’re not in front of your TV. Additionally, the software makes casting media from your smartphone to your TV much easier.

    The Takeaway

    Since Samsung remote apps aren’t all created equal, there’s something for everyone. Each one has a particular set of traits. You’ll find that some have more features than others. Their platforms, in reality, are vastly different. It’s entirely on you to decide which one you prefer. Grab them all if feasible so you can try them out and perform an intelligent selection.

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