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  • What To Do On The Internet When Bored (Top Things to Do on the Internet)

    The Internet today is a significant part of daily life. That time has passed, when the screen time used to be majorly offline with just a few hours of online connectivity. Now a screen is of no use if it does not have an internet connection. As almost everything to which a user is engaged […]

  • How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to a Home Theater

    The invention of Smart TVs revolutionized the category. An electronics that is a cross product of a TV box and computer with the built-in Wi-Fi system and web browsers provided with the best quality picture through its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). It took the user’s experience to a new level making the previously famous TV […]

  • How To Stop Avast Browser from Opening on Startup

    Avast antivirus is one of the most popular antiviruses out there today. Where it is a leading name in protecting the system against potential malware it is also a nuisance with an equal share in slowing down the PCs performance. Avast browser is part of a package that comes with the installation of Avast Antivirus […]

  • Alternative Ways to Charge a Laptop

    Laptops are among the most important and commonly used devices for personal as well as for professional use. Students, teachers, corporate officials, entrepreneurs/businessmen heavily rely on laptops for the personal and professional work of their daily routine. Especially after the COVID-19 when the majority of work has been digitalized, devices like laptops have got a […]

  • How To Install IR Blaster On Android?

    Infrared is represented by the IR in “IR blaster.” Infrared is used by most remote controls to connect with home media components like televisions, audio radios, and DVD players. Some Android phones and tablets have an infrared blaster built-in, and with the correct application, you may use your tablet or smartphone to operate your TV […]