How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to a Home Theater

    The invention of Smart TVs revolutionized the category. An electronics that is a cross product of a TV box and computer with the built-in...

    How To Stop Avast Browser from Opening on Startup

    Avast antivirus is one of the most popular antiviruses out there today. Where it is a leading name in protecting the system against potential...

    Alternative Ways to Charge a Laptop

    Laptops are among the most important and commonly used devices for personal as well as for professional use. Students, teachers, corporate officials, entrepreneurs/businessmen heavily...

    How To Tell If Motherboard Is Dead?

    It's quite aggravating to be unable to start your computer. There could be several reasons why it isn't working. A 'dead Motherboard' could be...

    How To Install IR Blaster On Android?

    Infrared is represented by the IR in "IR blaster." Infrared is used by most remote controls to connect with home media components like televisions,...

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