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    How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to a Home Theater

    The invention of Smart TVs revolutionized the category. An electronics that is a cross product of a TV box and computer with the built-in Wi-Fi system and web browsers provided with the best quality picture through its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). It took the user’s experience to a new level making the previously famous TV boxes going obsolete. Smart TV brands over the period have made significant technical improvements for the provision of the best quality picture to users but as far as the sound quality is concerned some milestones are still needed to be achieved for the enhancement of users’ experiences. No doubt that all of the smart TVs do come with an integrated internal sound system but most of the users still feel a need to connect it to a home theater so they can also enjoy a better audio experience along with the good quality picture. Samsung is indeed one of the leading brands in the category and the major reason for the fame is non-other than the picture quality that they provide. But, like the rest of the brands in the market, Samsung also is lying behind in this feature. The majority of the users feel that brands have failed to provide a reasonable integrated sound system in their TVs that can wave off the need of buying a home theater.

    As nowadays, Samsung customers are heavily relying on home theaters to have an ultimate audio experience. There are four basic options available for users if they wish to connect their Smart TVs to a home theater. Each of the options requires a user to switch to the TV menu setting to enable audio attributes of the TV. Further, the audio output has to be changed from internal to external followed by activation of a preferred specific option. The options are categorized as: connecting through RCA, Connecting via Bluetooth, through HDMI-ARC, or through DOA that is connecting via Digital Optical Audio.

    1. Connecting Through RCA

    The most simple, optimal, and enhanced method of connection is to connect through RCA cables. In this method, the user has to take the TV’s RCA cables and insert them into the receiver section of home theater that they wish to connect. In this connection, the TV sends two-channel stereo to the connecting external device. In some possible cases, the TVs might not come with the RCA connecters in that scenario user must find the Mini-jack that is normally connected to the adaptor of RCA and mostly comes with the TV set.

    1. Connecting via Bluetooth

    If a user doesn’t like to mess around with the wires/cables, and is looking for a convenient and quick wireless connection, then connecting via Bluetooth will be the most suitable option for that. Most of the updated Models of TVs, as well as the Home Theaters, now have the option of Bluetooth connection through which users can connect both the devices for audio outputs and inputs with just one touch without any hassle. However, to connect via Bluetooth the user must ensure that both TV and Home Theater are Bluetooth-enabled devices. And, the Bluetooth is turned on in the TV set as well as in the Home Theater.

    1. DOA Connection

    Digital Optical Audio commonly known as DOA is also another way of connecting your Smart TV with any external audio source such as a Home Theater. The DOA connection is the preferable connection in some cases. For example, various old models of Home Theater don’t have HDMI ports so connecting it through Digital optics becomes obvious and the only option available. Secondly, most of the time HDMI and other connecting channels are already connected or busy with other connections then digital optics serve as an additional option available without disturbing the existing connection. If users want to connect via Digital Optics all they have to do is take the digital optical output cable just like in the case RCA towards to the input section of the external source and attach them.

    1. Connecting Through HDMI – ARC

    The fourth option available for Samsung Smart TV users to connect their TV audio to a home theater is connecting it via HDMI–ARC. HDMI-ARC is a good choice if a user wants to have the best possible experience as HDMI– ARC is capable of passing higher resolution audio compared to the rest of the connections that make the sound more smooth and clear. To establish a connection between a Samsung Smart TV and a Home theater a user must connect the cable that is already attached to the HDMI inputs of a TV to a Home theater. But, the Users must make sure that their Home Theater is updated with HDMI-ARC to avoid any kind of additional requirement for a hardware device.  

    Each of the above-discussed options for establishing a connection between Samsung Smart TV and a Home Theater is widely available in all the latest models of both electronics. Any user confused to decide on what is the best option while connecting their SAMSUNG smart TV to their Home Theater must remember that all the connections are more or less the same and have very few variations in their performances. All of them are user friendly but, it truly depends on the user preferences and on situations such as; which connection is available and already not occupied with a different function, the user prefers a wired connection or a wireless connection, what is the proximity between both electronics and what is the location of both electronics, etc. Such a question will help a user to make the right decision while establishing a connection. So, all the Samsung Smart TV users who are not satisfied with the internal sound system of their TV must not worry about it anymore. Now users can easily enjoy a good sound system by just installing a Home Theater and simply connecting it to their Samsung Smart TVs. It may exert an additional cost on the pocket but the ultimate sound experience is worth the money and time.    

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