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    How To Install IR Blaster On Android?

    Infrared is represented by the IR in “IR blaster.” Infrared is used by most remote controls to connect with home media components like televisions, audio radios, and DVD players. Some Android phones and tablets have an infrared blaster built-in, and with the correct application, you may use your tablet or smartphone to operate your TV and other devices.

    This tutorial will show you how to make a virtual remote control out of your IR-enabled android smartphone or tablet.

    Checking If Your Phone Has IR Support Or Not

    IR blasters aren’t built into most Android phones these days. This feature can be found on older phones as well as a few newer models. Even if you have an older phone, you should double-check to see if it has an infrared blaster.

    You must first verify your phone to see if it has an IR blaster before you begin downloading the program that will allow you to use it. There are two techniques to determine whether it does or does not support it.

    • Examine the phone’s top edge. If your smartphone has a black rectangle or circle plastic or depression, it features an IR blaster.
    • If the approach above is perplexing because different phones have different designs, you can download a testing app that will tell you if your phone has an Infrared blaster or not. For Android devices, install Phone Tester (hardware info). Select “Communication Peripherals” from the drop-down menu. You’ll see an Infrared section that indicates whether or not it’s supported.
    • You can find out if your phone supports an IR blaster by doing a simple search online. Because it’s an older design, you might be able to find a more accurate result on an online forum.
    • You can look up your phone’s user handbook, but this is a time-consuming process because you’ll have to turn pages after pages and squint your eyes to read the small type used in phone manuals.

    Can I Install IR Blaster On My Smartphone?

    If your smartphone lacks an infrared blaster, you can purchase one of the many portable, universal infrared adaptors or dongles on the market. They come with either a 3.5mm audio jack for Android phones or a wireless charging pad connector for iPhones. So, even if your phone doesn’t come with an IR blaster, you can add one.

    It’s worth noting that these IR dongles sometimes have compatibility issues, so there’s no assurance that one of them will operate fine with your device. However, they are reasonably priced, starting at $17, and can be found in a variety of locations, so it couldn’t harm to give them a try.

    Installing IR Blaster On Android

    Once you’ve confirmed that your smartphone has an Infrared blaster, or you’ve purchased and connected in a portable infrared controller, you can set it up and begin using it to control IR Blaster-compatible devices. Here’s a step-by-step guide on getting it set up.

    1. Download IR Universal Remote Application

    You can review the list of programs on your smartphone to see whether it has a built-in app labeled Infrared blaster before installing the app; if you don’t, you can download the app.

    On the Play Store, you’ll find a variety of apps that let you use your smartphone as a tv remote. You can use the Mi Remote Control for Redmi phones or the Universal Remote Controller, which are both popular. Some programs are only available for specific brands, so read the description before downloading.

    1. Open The Application

    Follow the on-screen directions to choose the proper IR blaster for you after you launch it. The application will also ask for permission to use certain functionalities on your phone, which you must grant in order for it to function properly.

    1. Select The Device

    You’ll also need to choose the device you’d like to operate. A list of supported audio and video devices may be found there. Based on the application, you may need to select the device’s brand and then the model in order for it to connect.

    1. Put In Universal Code

    You may be asked to enter the product’s universal code by the app. On the internet, you can find these codes. Simply type in your gadget model and “RC code”, and the code will appear in the search engine results.

    1. Follow The Instructions

    Following the selection of your phone’s brand and model, along with entering the code, you will be given a list of instructions to follow in order to correctly set up the app. To set up particular capabilities of the app, different applications and devices demand different ways. Simply make sure to read and follow the instructions for the letter.

    1. Add Devices

    You can add several devices to most apps. This feature, however, isn’t normally available in free programs. The number of devices which can be added to free apps with this capability is limited. You’ll have to upgrade to a premium app if you want to add more devices.

    1. Using It

    Your phone can now function as a remote control once you’ve successfully set it up. If you want to switch channels, decrease or increase the volume, or do anything else, aim it at your Television or other devices.

    If you don’t always direct the IR blaster at the device, it won’t operate. The IR blaster is situated at the upper corner of your smartphone. So you’ll point your phone’s top to the item you would like to control, then tap the keys on the phone screen to accomplish the operation you want.

    1. Test The Features

    You must test all of the app’s keys to ensure that they are properly functioning. If even a single key is not working, it means the app is not optimized for your smartphone, and you’ll need to download and try another app.

    If you can find one, the wisest choice is installing an Infrared blaster app built specifically for your phone. Furthermore, ensure the application has all of the same features as a real remote.


    Due to the varying installations and software that come with different models and brands of phones, there is no definite way to get an Infrared blaster on a phone. What can be offered is a basic understanding, and the guidelines to make the process go more smoothly.

    Although the IR blaster is an older technology, it can be useful when your remote is lost and you need to control devices. An IR blaster, on the other hand, can only come in handy if it’s included in the phone’s design.

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