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    How To Stop Avast Browser from Opening on Startup

    Avast antivirus is one of the most popular antiviruses out there today. Where it is a leading name in protecting the system against potential malware it is also a nuisance with an equal share in slowing down the PCs performance.

    Avast browser is part of a package that comes with the installation of Avast Antivirus software. The browser is just the same as our everyday browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It, however; becomes a trouble when the browser pops up every time you start your system. The browser is although very useful in keeping the malware away from your system but at the same time, it tries to control your preferences which is not recommended at all.

    Before getting to know how to stop the browser from popping up on the screen every time, it is important to understand the root cause behind it to avoid such instances in the future.

    Why Does The Browser Open on Startup

    The answer to it is simple. When any software gets installed on a system it presents a list of the user agreement that the user has to approve to get the software working on their systems. It often happens that in the tedious list of approvals we unintentionally permit to wake up the browser on system startup.

    Recently, the unwanted launch of the browser has annoyed users all around the world and they are looking for ways of getting rid of the nuisance. Moreover, the Avast antivirus as well causes the operating system to slow down and take longer to start which is an added pain.

    In this article, we have gathered a handful of tips for you on how can you get rid of the continuous popping of the browser on your desktop screen and in return enhance the operating system speed as well as avoid the pain of closing it yourself every time.

    1. Disable through the browser settings

    One way of getting rid of the browser is to directly change the settings in the browser. You can do this by simply opening the browser and clicking on the three dots on the top right corner.

    From the list, select settings which will open the browser’s settings for you. In the menu, you will see a long list from which you need to select ‘On startup’.

    Now, from the ‘on startup’ menu unselect the option of ‘Launch Avast browser automatically when your system starts’. This will make the automatically launch option inactive until you enable it yourself.

    Once completed, you will notice that the browser is although still present in your system but the scheduled launch along with the windows start-up has been completely taken care of.

    1. Disable through Task Manager

    A task manager is an operating system component or a system monitor program that manages as well as provides information about all the processes and applications running on the system.

    It is, therefore; obvious that the solution to your problem lies here!

    A task manager can facilitate disabling the program to prevent it from starting, again and again, every time on startup.

    To run the task manager on your computer, press Ctrl+ Alt Key+ Delete. A comprehensive list will appear on your screen from where you have to select the task manager.

    Once the task manager opens, just simply click on the startup tab. This tab will display all the apps that launch every time the system starts. From the list select the Avast Browser and right-click. From the given options select the ‘Disable’ option, this will allow you to permanently disable the launch of the browser.

    1. Uninstalling through the Control Panel

    This technique is highly useful in cases where the users have accidentally installed the browser on their systems while installing the actual Avast antivirus software. In such cases, it is advisable to remove the application from the system since it constantly consumes the RAM and causes the overall PC performance to slow down.

    To follow the procedure, go to settings from the start menu.

    From the settings menu, open the ‘apps’ tab from where you can add or remove any program from your computer.

    Once you open the apps menu, you will find an extensive list of all the applications installed on your system. All you need to do is to find your target application. Once you have located the browser in the application menu expand it and you will see an option to uninstall the application. Run the uninstallation procedure and once it completes you will have the browser successfully removed from your system.

    In case this hasn’t been your choice and you want to keep the browser on your system then there is much more that you can do. Below is another method that you can follow to prevent the browser from launching itself.

    1. Using Autoruns

    Autoruns is a third-party utility that contains a detailed record of all the applications and processes running on the system. This tool allows the user to have an in-depth insight into the processes that auto-start at the time of system startup. It also allows you to disable these processes and save you from the pain of closing the applications every time individually.

    The first step is to download the tool from the internet. Once the file has been downloaded you will have to run it as an administrator to allow it to make changes.

    The installation process will soon initiate and will take a few minutes to complete. Once the installation is successful, you can run the application and switch to the log-on tab.

    Now you will see a list of all the applications that are currently running on your system. From the list, you can select the target app of the Avast Browser and uncheck it.

    These were some of the tips that you can take help from to get rid of unwanted popping of the Avast Browser on your system every time. These tips are designed to work on all versions of windows and iOS.

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