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    Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path?

    Consumer Durables are goods that have a longer lifetime than 1 year, they are not purchased very often and usually last till 5 years. Consumer durables include goods such as automobiles, phones, TVs, and other luxury items. Consumer durable companies are growing at a greater level than ever, the industry has also seen a substantial rise in the last few years. The industry was calculated to have a worth of $2 trillion in 2021 and is expected to rise every more.

    Since the market of consumer durables is so wide, the employment opportunities are huge in the consumer durable sector as well. According to a study, around 3 million Americans would be employed in the consumer durables industry by the mid of 2022. The jobs in consumer durables include everything from sales representatives to social media managers and engineers. If you are looking to pursue a career in consumer durables then here are a few of the things you can do:

    1. Sales Representative:

    Every business requires a sales professional to actually sell the product so if you have any experience as a sales rep or being a sales agent, then you can follow a career in consumer durables by working as a sales representative. However, you would have to be pretty open about the type of product or service you will be appointed to sell. Since consumer durable is such a wide sector, you can be placed in technical, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. departments.

    2. Product Designer:

    Developing and designing new products for the market by assessing the needs of the consumers are some of the top responsibilities of a product designer. You will have to coordinate with the engineers and manufacturing teams to develop prototypes and manage the whole production process. Developing products that fall in line with the needs of the people is necessary for designing a successful product.

    3. Electrical Engineer:

    Electrical engineering professionals are highly in demand in the consumer durables sector. If you have any relevant experience or qualifications, then you can work as an electrical engineer who will be responsible for designing electrical machines that are required for producing consumer goods.

    4. Social Media Manager:

    Like any other business right now, the consumer durables industry also requires an effective social media presence for the growth of the business. Social media is the best way to reach a mass audience and sell your product to them by showcasing its attributes. Social media managers are hired by the consumer durable market to handle the digital marketing aspect of the industry.

    5. Business Analysts:

    Business analyst professionals are needed to make improvements in the sector and increase the growth opportunities. Business analysts increase business efficiency by analyzing insights and data gathered by conducting various researches. Consumer durables require business analysts who are experts and can drive the industry forward by developing strategic growth plans.

    Benefits of Working Consumer Durables:

    1. Make a Difference:

    If you have an interest in designing then the consumer durables field can provide you with great opportunities to implement your skills. You can make products that will help out people in their daily struggles and you will have something as proof to show off all your hard work and efforts.

    2. Learning Adaptability:

    You will learn to be adaptable if you are working in consumer durables since it is a constantly changing and advancing industry. Whether you are an engineer or a product designer, being in the consumer durables will make you adaptable to change and you will also get to advance your skills by working with the latest technologies used in the consumer durables industry.

    3. Stable Work Environment:

    Since the demand for consumer durables is only growing with each passing day, the industry is growing so, if you are looking to work in a stable environment, consumer durable is the way to go. While so many industries are running out of jobs and closing down, the consumer durables industry is here to stay.

    4. Career Growth and Advancement:

    Working in a consumer durable industry will provide you with higher chances of career growth and promotions since there is no foreseeable shortage of growth opportunities in the consumer durables industry. New products are being designed every day and each requires its own team of professionals for manufacturing properly.

    5. Benefits:

    There are a lot of consumer durable companies that offer amazing benefits to their employees including retirement plans, health insurance, life insurance, compensations, etc. They also offer stock and other deferred compensation options for the employees.

    6. Good Pay Packages:

    One of the biggest factors we consider while opting for a job is the pay scale. The consumer durables industry offers good pay and packages. A consumer durables professional earns $75000 annually on average. The possibility of getting brilliant bonuses is also high in the consumer durables industry.

    The consumer durables industry is a good career path whether you want to advance your career or simply want a job that helps you earn more. The industry is also fool-proof and is constantly growing which makes it one of the top options for starting their professional careers. The huge variety of professions is also one of the positive aspects of the consumer durables industry. You can work in the industry even if you have any project management or accounting experience, you will find a job in the consumer durables industry easily.

    With the recession near us, the number of job opportunities in the consumer durables industry is huge compared to other industries and this is why you should highly consider this field. Although consumer durables can be a challenging and difficult market to work in, with constantly new updates arriving every week, a career in it can be rewarding and fulfilling as well. In the end, the decision of working in the consumer durables industry is yours to make. We recommend you research and learn all about the industry to make an informed decision that will prove beneficial for you in the future.

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