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    Pros and Cons of Not Going to College

    There has been a lifelong debate about the benefits of going to college and the cons of going to college. Deciding to go to college is a pretty big decision, and many people do not believe there is another option. People argue that a college education is necessary for you to get better job opportunities and to overall succeed in life but then we see a lot of successful people who dropped out or did not go to college. So, if you are confused about which option will be the best for you, read these pros and cons of not going to college to help you decide:

    The Benefits of Going to College:

    1. Higher Pay Rate:

    Many companies hire employees based on their education and not having a college degree can be kind of a deal-breaker for them. Even entry-level jobs require a college degree. Whereas, if you have a college degree you can get an internship even before you graduate. According to studies, college graduates make more money and 0are offered higher-paying jobs on average. College graduates make approximately $570,000 more in their lifetimes than those who did not attend college. While making money is not the top priority for a lot of people, it certainly helps. Attending college will open up employment doors for you and it will be less likely for you to be poor.

    2. Explore Your Interests:

    With hundreds of majors available, the college offers you a chance to explore your interests academically. Even if you do not have a certain interest, attending college will provide you clarity about which field you like and which one you are least interested in. You also get the chance of being involved in extracurricular activities and this further expands your choices. It is all up to you in college, you can study any major you want, attend any classes you like, and take part in any extracurricular activity that interest you.

    3. Meaningful Experience:

    Going to college might be one of the best experiences for you. You make friends, attend parties, attend sports events, and much more which makes going to college fun. You get to develop your relationships as you would spend all your day with some people, college becomes the foundation of lifelong meaningful friendships. College provides you with an independent period, where you do not have many responsibilities before you step into the professional world. It is your chance to be creative and take chances.

    4. Self-Improvement:

    College gives you space for self-improvement, you learn to be self-sufficient. You have to do all of your work yourself like cooking and budgeting. You get to make mistakes and then learn from them. You also get to meet people from diverse backgrounds and experience new cultures and environments, especially if you are going to college in another state. It offers you the experience of exploring and living in someplace entirely new. You learn to adjust and make decisions that are good for you.

    The Cons of Going to College:

    1. Student Loan and Debt:

    College is going to cost you more money than you expect and if you do not have a sponsorship, then you will have to take student loans that will take you a lifetime to pay off. This will delay you from making other financial decisions like saving for retirement or buying a house. It will also impact any job you have after you graduate as a large chunk of your salary would be used to pay your student debt. About 44 million students own over %1.5 trillion in college debt that 45% believe was not worth it.

    2. Earn Money:

    Going to college will require spending on other things as well such as buying books, lodging, and food. Instead of going to college and spending money, you can start earning money in that same period if you do not attend college. College degrees require 4 or more years on average, imagine having this much time on your hands to get ahead and start making money. You can start your business or get a job that does not require a degree. You can even invest the money you will save from not going to college and it will be a huge advantage since the earlier you start investing, the more money you get.

    3. Gain Practical Experience:

    When you step out into the real world, you will get to experience a whole new environment and most of the personal experience you acquired in college will not help you in any way here. If you start a job, you will receive hands-on experience and it will teach a lot more about your field than what you could have learned in college. You will get a head start among your other candidates in the professional work environment. You will also get a chance to develop skills like decision-making, problem-solving, and teamwork if you opt for doing a job rather than going to college.

    4. Portfolio and Career Development:

    Putting time and effort into 4 years in college will only get you a piece of paper for validation. If you put this same amount of time and effort into your business startup or at a job, you will have something that you can show for all these efforts. You will have experience; your portfolio will grow and you will have money as well. Your personal development will have credibility in the form of your job experience. You will also get the chance of choosing a career that interests you, as you will have more time to experiment. You can easily leave a job and start a new one if you have enough time. This will not only add to your portfolio but you will gain multiple experiences too.

    It is best to research and read about each situation so that you can make an informed decision and figure out which option will be the most suitable for you. Going to college will help you out a lot in your professional life, however, it is not guaranteed that you will succeed or become rich if you do attend college. While the advantages of attending college are major, you will be just fine without going to college if you are willing to work hard.

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