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    Typedream Review and Features

    Have you ever wanted to construct a website for yourself or a small project but couldn’t because of the learning and knowledge necessary to use the existing well-known website builders? Well looks like this problem is finally solved.

    Typedream is an online platform through which anyone can design their website easily without programming or design knowledge. This website is improvising day by day. All you are required to know is how you want your website to look and have. This website builder includes easy-to-use editing options as well, like adding texts, images, videos, etc with just one click.

    Typedream Features

    • Custom domain

    Typedream provides you with the feasibility of a custom domain which helps you create your website more professionally.

    • Protected pages

    This helps you to keep a password on your website page. This can provide you with security and safety for your page.

    • Drag and drop

    Drag and drop option helps you to be extremely user-friendly and straightforward. You may include features like headers, text, buttons, photos, containers, columns, and much more. It is quite simple to add a new element simply using the backlash command on your keyboard to get a dropdown selection of all available items. If you are familiar with the workspace tool Notion, you should feel right at home with Typedream because the editor is extremely similar.

    • Mobile friendly

    Type dream allows gives you access to mobile-friendly and easy-to-customize templates. This means that whether you use this app on a computer, phone, iPad, etc, it will look the same in all. 

    • Templates

    Typedream provides a large number of templates that may be utilized for many sorts of websites. Typedream has themes for portfolio sites, blogs, eCommerce, Web3, and events, among other things. They also have a Notion-themed template category for users who are already familiar with the tool and those who want to sell Notion templates. All of the templates are entirely configurable, allowing you to adjust the colors, fonts, and layout to match your brand. If you wish to start from scratch, Typedream also provides a blank template. 

    • Content management system

    Typedream has a content management system that lets you display notion data. The Type dream people are working on adding support for popular databases, such as airtable, and will start building a native type dream database. As for now, you can connect your notion database and Typedream will gather data to show on a template you choose during the setup process. Typedream provides collection templates such as blogs, directories, knowledge bases, podcasts, markets, stores, and NFT collections. Typedream’s CMS functionality is very new, and it appears that it will continue to improve in the next months.

    • Analytics

    To track your website performance and traffic, Typedream has built-in analytics. This helps you to be notified about how many people visited your website, what their location and what are they interested in. This information can help in improvise your website according to the likes and dislikes of the audience.

    Benefits of Typedream

    • Good pricing

    The good thing about this website is that it’s completely free to use. Any website can be created with multiple pages but you only have the option to update one page. To upload more pages you will have to revamp to the $12 per month option. This provides you with access to posting unlimited pages, team collaboration, custom domain, SEO, and Metadata, and finally a free 1 year. However, if you wish to have a blog or anything, $20 per month is the price and it benefits you with many features as well.

    Launch plan: $12/month

    Pro plan: $20/month

    • Excellent user interface

    The user interface of type dream is excellent. It simplifies, amuses, and expedites the process of designing and developing your website. Their team is commendable, because if they keep doing the correct things for this builder, it will be a game changer.

    • User friendly

    It can’t be emphasized enough, but type dream is the easiest and simplest website builder available. Perhaps there is anything simpler out there, but given the experience of people with website builders, this is the most basic option available. Simply insert a forward slash to have access to the website components, exactly as you would when establish a process in Notion.

    Disadvantages of Typedream

    It is difficult to design or customize any difficult websites. Typedream as explained is a very easy website builder to use. It allows you to easily create a website page with the simplest tools and templates provided. Therefore, something as complex as a web flow can’t be created here. If you want to work with something that causes fewer hurdle for you, type dream is your key.

    Typedream Reviews:

    “I can’t believe I am so late to this app. I am a fan of No-Code apps but some be subpar. Not Typedream though, I feel they thought about everything that a user on their platform would need to do and made it super simple. I had an awesome site up and running in less than 20 mins”

    “What an amazing product! I launched a website and had the same feeling as when I first used Notion. There’s this set of constraints that forces you to make something that looks beautiful.”

    “I’ve been using Typedream for about a month now, and it’s an absolute dream. I love it. Also, the team has been super responsive with helping out along the way. I highly recommend giving it a try!!”

    “I really really have loved using Typedream in the past few weeks. So easy. Templates are great. Looks beautiful. Can take an experiment or customer insight and turn it into a landing page in an hour…really a huge change to being able to run a speedy and thorough growth process.”

    Typedream Competitors

    Typedream Vs Super

    Super is a website builder that turns your notion pages into SEO optimized websites. It is almost similar to Typedream. Since Super is connected with Notion it makes it very doable to upload material on your website. However, Typedream’s CMS feature uses Notion as a database therefore it isn’t that much of a benefit. Overall, the users believe Super is a decent substitute for Typedream. The key benefits are that it is somewhat less expensive and interacts with Notion. But still, Typedream is preferred since it has a more user-friendly layout and more site design tools.

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